Antarctica 1983 is a horror thriller scenario about four souls who just have come back to work from a much-needed vacation at home. But, what has happened on the base while they were away?

This is not where we are today. Things have happened and they are logged at the Games Log.

  • Game System: Call of Cthulhu
  • Genre: Modern Horror
  • Era: 1980´s
  • The game accepts new players

The game is being played over multiple game boards.
/Regards Dave

Intro blurb

Last goddamned day of the winter part 1

1982-09-20 14.30

Above Station 10, Silent Spirit – McMurdo Bell transport

It’s been a long journey, but now you are almost there, your workplace and your temporary home: Station 10. The monotonous sound of the helicopter’s rotor blades is almost the only thing you have heard throughout the helicopter trip from McMurdo. Outside the helicopter the sun is shining, even if it just hangs right at the horizon’s edge, it will not be higher at this time of year. It causes the great white waste to glitter, almost as if it were a sea of diamonds.

Apart from the rotors it has been a quiet ride. None of you have said anything special, all have more or less been in his your own thoughts. Johnny, who usually acts as station pilot, sits on one of the two rows of seats facing each other behind the pilot´s seat staring out at the landscape below. Those who know him could guess that he is a bit annoyed because he is not at the controls. Next to him sits Eric, research assistant to George Price at the base and reads Charles Dickens’ book Great Expectations. He seems to be deeply immersed in the book and has not taken his eyes off the book for the entire helicopter trip. On the seat across from him the mechanic, Harrison sits cuddling with his wife Janet who is leaning against his chest while sitting in his lap.

Silent Spirit is suddenly interrupted by the pilot’s communication with the tower at Station 10. Even if you can not hear his voice you know that it is your co-worker, Bailey the pilot is talking to. The pilot informs him that the helicopter soon reaches Station 10. A few minutes later the main building is visible as a blue dot on the white snow.

The helicopter slowly drops down and starts blowing up swirls of snow around the landing site. Four men are visible through the haze standing a short distance away from the helicopter in front of the main building. The four are all dressed in thick parkas and their faces hidden by fur hood linings. With short intervals their breath are seen as small white clouds. They stand still and observe in silence while the helicopter is landing.

Antarctica 1983

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